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Powerful Topical CBD Salves

Salves are unequivocally one of the most powerful topical, and they have been around for centuries. The crushing and grinding of the most potent herbs and then processing them into a salve is the perfect way to relax your skin. And when a salve is made of CBD that has tons of benefits for skin; you are guaranteed to feel a plethora of positive effects.

Whether you have dry skin, rashes, pain, irritation, redness, eczema or even psoriasis, CBD salve is known to provide relief from these and many other skin conditions. And the salve that we manufacture contains highly potent and freshly harvested CBD that makes it even more effective.

We have different quantities of CBD Salves available in this section so make sure to go through all of them and get the one that you find perfect for your skin care schedule.

Why Use A Topical CBD Salve for Pain or Arthritis?

The skin is rich with cannabinoid receptors (both CB1 and CB2). Rubbing CBD into the skin has a regulatory effect on the ECS, similarly to how taking the substance orally does. The only difference is in how the CBD gets into the body.

CBD are a classic topical product in the hemp-based market. Most people are already familiar with pain rubs and soothing creams, so there is instant appeal. While some benefit from taking CBD orally for pain, in a tincture or even by smoking or vaping it, this provides general and not targeted relief. A CBD salves can target specific areas for an anti-inflammatory and also for natural pain relief.