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Using a CBD Vape Additive

Absolute Hemp CBD Vape Additive is a powerful concentrate of pure, raw, unfiltered, solvent-free CBD vape additive.

Are you the one who wants to go an extra mile to feel more CBD effects and new flavors in their CBD Vapes? Well then our CBD Vape Additives are just created for you. All of these additives are pure, raw and solvent-free. Our premium quality additives are made from the fully organic CBD Oil derived from industrial grade hemp plants.

We have paid close attention to making sure that the CBD Vape Additives mix well with other types of vape liquids and do not take much effort and time in coming into their full effect. So you can just get the additive you want, mix it with your favorite vape liquid and go to your happy place in no time.

All of the CBD Vape Additives listed here are free from any kinds of preservatives or pesticides and are in their purest forms which means you will feel full effects very quickly.