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The Best Recipes to Include CBD

CBD oil is quickly becoming the most sought-after substance for helping people treat anxiety, depression, pain, and other health issues. The ability for CBD to alleviate these maladies without the usual side-effects one can often experience when dealing with the standard pharmaceutical medicines often prescribed. With this in mind, many people have taken to ingesting their CBD by consuming it rather than vaping. This allows for a different reaction time from the CBD, and also gives you a chance to test your culinary mettle. Allow us to provide you with a few different ideas for cooking with CBD oil.

Some Fun Recipes


cooking with CBD oil

The first obvious choice would be baked goods, and though you can use any type to heighten with your oil, brownies offer the best result. You can quickly mix in some of the CBD oil into your recipe for surprising results.

Pasta Sauce

After you are done preparing your sauce, mixing in spices and heating it up, take it off the burner and include your oil. After a few quick stirs of your spoon and you are ready to serve up some out of the world spaghetti.


Another fun culinary concoction, imagine it the same way you would make the pasta sauce. Create your guacamole with whatever recipe you like the most, and add in your oil at the end and mix it in.

A Minty Drink

a dish after cooking with CBD oil

For the perfect drink, combine unsweetened coconut oil, lime, muddled mint leaves, tonic water, brown sugar, and your CBD tincture. Fill with ice, stir and serve.

Remember, less is more when you first begin experimenting. Follow dosing recommendations, and, most importantly, get creative in the kitchen!

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